Seemandhra Meeting Super Flop

The meeting of Seemandhra Congress people’s representatives held at a hotel in Vijayawada today ended up as a damp squib. This is yet another proof that the anti-telangana movement being run by select Seemandhra leaders has weakened considerably.

From past 18 months, Seemandhra leaders and media have made numerous attempts to portray that the Seemandhra movement is as strong as Telangana movement. But, ground-level situation clearly exposed on numerous occasions that the people of Seemandhra don’t really care if the state is united or divided.

Seemandhra media has created a lot of hype about today’s meeting. They gave detailed statistics about how many Congress leaders would attend this meeting. They said 17 Ministers, 70 MLAs, and 8 Parliament members would attend this meeting.

In the end, only 6 Ministers, 10 MLAs attended this meeting. None of the Parliament members attended this meeting. This includes the most vociferous anti-Telangana MP, Lagadapati Rajgopal, who was very much in Vijayawada.

It is also worth noting that no MLA from Uttarandhra and Nellore districts attended this meeting.

The Seemandhra media, which tries to highlight even one MLA who has not resigned for Telangana cause, is mum on this super flop meeting.

This meeting has once again proved that neither the people nor the people’s representatives of Seemandhra are interested in a united Andhra Pradesh.

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