Rok Sako Tho Rok Lo

Amid warnings, counter tactics and strategies from the Government, Telangana is gearing up for the three day rail roko from tomorrow (Saturday, 15 October). Telangana activists have decided to take the Govt head on after the DGP has listed out the punishments including 10 yrs jail term and life imprisonment.

All the important junctions and stations across Telangana have been identified and assigned to each of the JAC leaders including political party leaders. With the T Congress MPs openly coming out in support of the rail roko, the event is sure to boost. BJP which initially had a slight apprehension in view of Advani’s rath yathra has now decided on full fledged participation.

On the other hand, advocates JAC has pooh poohed Governments warning about taking serious actions against the T activists. It ridiculed the Governments attitude of taking over the Railway laws into its own hands.

Literally taking the confrontation to new heights, AP Government is deploying helicopters to keep a vigil on the junctions and railway track.

Railways have already announced that they will return the ticket fare for all the cancelled trains.

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