Reject T package : Swamy

June 25, 2013, 08.53 AM IST

Rubbishes claims that Telangana would not be economically viable

By: Venkat Parsa

New Delhi : Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy on Monday said that any Telangana package should be rejected outright, as nothing short of separate Telangana would do. There should be no compromise on this basic demand, he said.

A publication ‘A Rebuttal to Visalandhra Goebbels Propaganda’ brought out by Telangana Development Forum, US, to reject the claims of Vishalandhra Mahasabha against the demand for separate Telangana State. The publication was released by Dr Subramanian Swamy and Justice Rajinder Sachar released it in CD format. Gautam Pingle and Mainstream Editor Sumit Chakravarthy spoke on the occasion, besides its author Konatham Dilip and Delhi TJAC Convener D Ramakrishna Reddy. Sriram Vedire welcomed the gathering.

Dr Subramanian Swamy praised the effort of the Telangana Development Forum to counter the claims of Vishalandhra Mahasabha. “In a democracy, it is important to challenge false propaganda. Even during the Emergency, the false propaganda was challenged through underground literature,” he said.

The NDA, he said, is all for Telangana and if the NDA comes to power, he will do everything in his power to ensure the creation of Telangana. Dr Swamy said, “You are closest to achieving Telangana. In 2014, we should have the celebrations meeting in Hyderabad, after the creation of Telangana.”

T activists should not despair

“Telangana activists should never despair. One does not know when Telangana may happen,” he said. Citing from history, he said when the Quit India Movement collapsed in 1944, people gave up hope of achieving Independence. But it happened in 1947. Again, during the Emergency, when he managed to escape, there was not even a whimper of protest. “People used to ask me, how will things go on like this? I had no answer. Indira Gandhi made a foolish decision and called elections and she lost all over the country and she was defeated in her own constituency. When it all seems impossible, things suddenly happen,” Dr Swamy said.

Two States would be a credit to Telugus

Citing solid reasons for creation of Telangana, he said: “Andhra Pradesh is too large a State; there is no dispute over language and it would be a credit if there are two Telugu-speaking States. There has been a consistent demand for separate State.” He rubbished the claim that Telangana is not viable economically. If it is true then trade between States is always an option open to it.

No to UT status

In his brief address, Justice Rajinder Sachar gave his wholehearted backing for separate Telangana. “The government has given its solemn word. There has to be finality to it. After all, nobody is asking for sovereignty but only Statehood within the nation,” he said and wondered what was wrong with it. Justice Sachar also ruled out Union Territory status to Hyderabad. Unlike Chandigarh, Hyderabad is landlocked and for 200 km there is no border with Andhra. The best way out is for Andhra to build a separate State Capital.

Only T people should have last say

Mainstream Editor Sumit Chakravarthy declared that eventually the people of the Telangana region would have the last say. He criticised the Secret Chapter of Justice B N Srikrishna Committee Report, which talks of media management. The Seemandhra media is suppressing information, he said.

After making a solemn statement on December 9, 2009, which was reiterated in Parliament the next day, the Government had put it in cold storage. Nine hundred suicides signify that Telangana Movement is unique. Telangana has every right to emerge as a separate State. Since the Government has made a solemn commitment, it cannot now go back on it, he said.

It’s mass-driven T movement

Gautham Pingle, who traced the historical background of Telangana, said the resolution of the present crisis would ultimately be decided by the people of Telangana in the General Election in 2014. Any solution before that would only be an interim one, till such time the people ratify or reject it. “Today the strength of the region does not belong to conquering dynasties or charismatic political leaders or opportunistic electoral politics, but to the great mass of the Telangana people, who have stayed constant with the idea of a self-governing Telangana State within the Republic,” he said.

All promises to T violated

Delhi TJAC Convener D Ramakrishna Reddy said that despite the First SRC recommendation, Telangana was merged with Andhra region to create Andhra Pradesh. All the safeguards were violated. The Telangana region had been deprived of its legitimate river water share. Opposing any package for Telangana, he said nothing short of separate Statehood would be acceptable to the people of the region.

No justification for Visalandhra

‘A Rebuttal to Vishalandhra Goebbels Propaganda’ author Konatham Dilip explained the backdrop to the publication, which is meant to counter the false propaganda machinery of Vishalandhra protagonists. “The idea of Vishalandhra died the moment the Gentlemen’s Agreement was violated. The modern-day Vishalandhra consultants are only trying to resuscitate a dead horse,” he said.

[Courtesy: The Hans India]

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