Reject arrogant Kutami

By Oracle

Mahakutami is a personification of arrogance. It’s a deadly concoction with the Congress and the Telugu Desam comprising it and the TJS, which lost its steam even before the polls, and the CPI have become the garnishings.

Congress leader and former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh said the other day that Hyderabad was a biryani and that Prime Minister in UPA Regime Manmohan Singh has decided that this biryani would stay with Telangana.

As the resourceful Hyderabad was given to Telangana, it was decided to give Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh for five years.

Isn’t it arrogance? Who is he or l, for that matter, the Congress or anybody to give Hyderabad to Telangana. The city natural and integral part of Telangana. It’s part of Telangana culture and history. The Congress has no business to arrogate to itself that it filed out something to Telangana.

In fact, KCR listed out in his public meeting in Chevella on Sunday the various occasions when the kutami parties’ leaders sacrificed the interests of Telangana – from Burugula RamaKrishna Rao to N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

N Chandrababu Naidu claims at the drop of the hat that he had built Hyderabad. After the derisive rebuke by KCR, he had made amends to his false claims and begun saying he had built Cyberabad. KCR couldn’t stop laughing while deriding Naidu for his claim and said Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah would turn in his grave, if he heard the claim.

Babu was not spared by IT Minister either. The IT minister said that Naidu had helped a few private companies build Cyber Towers, Cyner Pearl, Cyber Gateway and another couple of buildings. That doesn’t mean he built Cyberabad.

Naidu claims credit for the projects like International Airport and Outer Ring Road and even Hyderabad Metro Rail, which were implemented end to end by other regimes. The large part of the ORR was actually completed during the TRS regime and Hyderabad Metro rail was actually realised during the KCR Rule.

Movie actor Balakrishna exposed his shallowness saying that if anybody could demolish the Cyber Towers or Airport or ORR to remove the indelible mark of Naidu.

This exactly is the arrogance which was fought by the TRS successfully. Now, the Congress and the TDP leaders who were daggers at each other for decades have joined hands, as they knew they cannot take on KCR collectively too, leave alone fighting the polls independently.

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