Read how the new state of Telangana has become investor friendly

Read how the new state of Telangana is now becoming an investor friendly environment and is gaining appreciation from the business community about the same.

Previously dharnas at the Vidyut Soudha, power cuts and declaration of power holidays were very common during the congress regime in the united Andhra Pradesh state. But fortunes have now completely changed after the state’s formation. The policies and initiatives taken by Telangana Government have led a path of Success for the industrial sector, said State IT Minister KT Rama Rao.

Uninterrupted power supply, adequate supply of water and TS-iPASS have also contributed their bit to the growth of the Industrial Sector said Shiv Kumar Rungta, Past President, FTAPCCI. He added that this is one of the examples of the success stories of the TS-iPASS.

Dear KTR sir, I recently had the opportunity to use the much talked about TS-iPass system for getting approvals for a new factory my son is setting up (Rungta Glass Industries). I am glad to inform you that this was one of the occasions where the actual delivery of the service was superlative and way better than what was advertised. TS-iPass worked like magic and we got our approval in less than 15 days and it was a very smooth process. We actually had the industry departments pursuing us to furnish additional info as required and they took care and personal interest to give approval at the earliest (without any personal contacts). This takes Telangana into a new league in ease of doing business, and I would like to express thanks and gratitude to you and your officers on behalf of the industry for making this happen.

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