Protests rock Agricultural University over land allocated for High Court

The students of the Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University are protesting against the Congress government’s decision to allocate university’s land for the new High Court building. Recently, the Revanth Reddy government has released a GO allocating 100 acres of land belonging to agriculture and horticulture universities to construct a new building for the High Court.

Fighting unitedly against the decision, students are protesting for four days in the agriculture university premises. Students say that the government’s decision will affect their research studies as they need large parcels of land to carry out research work. Students remark that as the student strength is increasing the university, they require more land but the government is taking away the existing land. 

The protestors are lamenting that if any issue happens, we move the High Court, but now the issue is related to the High Court, ‘who should we complain to?’ the students question.

Around 35-40 acres of the allocated land fall in the agri-biodiversity zone, which was painstakingly developed by students and teachers over a period of time. The zone is a haven for rare flora and fauna and constructing a new High Court building will put those species at risk.