Political Poverty of T- Cong MPs

By: J R Janumpalli

The all party meet scraped out by our halfhearted T-Congress MPs from the recalcitrant Congress high-command is another episode of their ‘soap opera’ of Telangana persecution. Congress MPs once again threw away a chance to help the beleaguered Telangana movement. Their digression from December 9 dead line for them to take a final call has diluted the seriousness of the issue. They have purposely and foolishly extricated themselves from taking a firm stand against Congress party and threw the issue wide open, to the advantage of the party. Of late, the Congress party has almost given up the need for all party meet. It was pushed to its back foot and was under duress to take a decision on the implementation of the Telangana state declaration. But, the spineless somersault of our MPs in the name of all-party meet has given a new leverage for Congress to buy time and confound the issue with or without the cooperation of some parties in A.P. Just as they were planning to take the issue towards elections, Parliament session by session, this turn of the event ensured to take the issue comfortably beyond winter session. And paved the way for confounding the situation in the run up for the budget session, which is perhaps the last opportunity for a positive step of creation of Telangana state by the present government. There might not be enough time afterwards to complete the formalities for the logical conclusion of the state formation before the elections.

There are certain fallout developments that can come up because of this all-party meet episode. It might force TDP and YSRCP who are trying to hoodwink Telangana people with their nebulous talk on Telangana to make a categorical statement — but, we all know out of our past experience how these political parties make a mockery of such meets by their deviant maneuvers. Even Congress Party may also be pressurized to make its intentions clear in or after the all-party meet if and when it takes place. It might also clear the mist on the ambiguity of Congress party’s intentions in honoring the implementation of Telangana State declaration .We are not certain what will be the definite outcome of this meet. But we can be certain that it will be less than sanguine. Congress, TDP and YSRP, if they are allowed to have their way, are going to make use of it and play their morbid politics. They are likely to delay Telangana State issue leading to the last minute abortion of its declaration in the Parliament, before the next elections.

Though the T-Cong MPs have bought a reprieve for themselves and their party, finally they will be in the dock and find themselves in an unenviable position of ‘na gharka na ghatka’ in the next elections. Calling this proposed all-party meet by these MPs as historical is ridiculous and explains the depth of their concern to Telangana State. They were also saying, such things in the past after doing very mundane things and tried to look taller than what they really are. They have once again baulked at the momentous occasion because of their timidity and political poverty. The teasing persecution of Telangana by Congress party continues and our T-Cong MPs are playing a sordid part of it.


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