Police stop TJAC rally in old city

It looks like the AP state police do not want the people of Hyderabad old city to express their support to the statehood movement. After spreading rumors that old city muslims are not supporting Telangana movement, when the denizens of old city actually decided to hold a support rally for September 30th Telangana March, the AP state police swooped down and arrested scores of people.

Members of Telangana-JAC, CPI and Telangana Advocates JAC planned take out a rally on Saturday morning. The rally was planned from Salar Jung Museum to Charminar through Purani Haveli, Moghalpura, Shah Ali Banda and Charminar. But, when Telangana activists gathered at Darushifa, the police swooped down and arrested everyone.

Hameed Mohammed Khan of the Movement for Peace and Justice (MPJ) who was also part of the rally said, “The residents of the Old City and Muslims in particular stand to gain from creation of Telangana as there will be greater representation of Muslims in the affairs of the state. The fear of right wing forces has wrongly been made the bugbear. It is possible for Muslims to be heard if they join secular forces,”

Aziz Pasha, Ex-MP of CPI who was also detained by the police condemned the unconstitutional suppression of the rally. He said “There is a fervor among the masses about Telangana but the awareness is lesser compared to other regions. The rally was a peaceful effort and we had already secured all necessary permission from South Zone police. But it was stopped as the police came under pressure from certain corners,” he said.

Ved Kumar, the Telangana Praja Front leader was also among those arrested.

Telangana JAC chairman Prof. Kodandaram severely condemned the highhanded behavior of AP police.

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