Piped Water for Villages in ORR Limits by Next Year End

Supply of potable drinking water to a hundred-odd villages and gram panchayats within the Outer Ring Road limits is going to be a reality by the end of next year with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board keen to strengthen the infrastructure.

NCPE Infrastructure India Pvt Ltd has been entrusted with conducting a detailed survey, investigation and preparation of water supply conceptual design report (CDR) for strengthening, rehabilitation and extension to new areas outside Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits and formulation of water supply thereon for villages, gram panchayats, habitations falling within ORR including preparation of DPRs for horizon years requirement of 2021, 2026 and 2031. The consultancy firm will be paid Rs 44.32 lakh for its services.

The agency has to submit the conceptual design report and detailed project report (designs, drawing and estimates etc) in about two two months’ time.

HMWS&SB officials told Express that the state government, which is keen on providing water connections to all households within ORR limits, has asked the water board to prepare proposals for strengthening the water supply distribution network up to ORR limits.

A few days ago, the board held discussions with Rural Water Supply (RWS) engineers to assess the present water supply position in villages. The RWS provided the existing details of sumps, bore wells, water supply distribution network arrangements etc to the board.

Basing on the inputs, HMWS&SB is working out further details required to meet the summer contingency and the long-term proposals for construction of new reservoirs, inlet mains and distribution network.

The HMWS&SB officials said the agency was asked to carry out survey, investigation, design, preparation of cost estimates and preparation of DPR in two months.

Existing network details, if required, will be provided by HMWS&SB and the consultant should integrate with if any non-covering areas of the existing system of core city, peripherals on par with the new proposed areas duly marking with nomenclature for different units and divisions.

Also, HMWS&SB would give the existing data, drawings, details pertaining to the project area, core area and peripheral area to the consultant and they can also obtain information as required from Google Earth.

The HMWS&SB will provide nearly 3 lakh tap connections to villages within ORR limits after strengthening the distribution network. There are a large number of nagar panchayats, villages and hamlets which do not have proper water supply distribution network.

At present, the water board is supplying drinking water to about 8.40 lakh consumers in Greater Hyderabad and to a few villages on the way from the Krishna (Akkampally), Godavari, Singur, Manjira, Osmansagar and Himayatsagar reservoirs.

Source: The New Indian Express

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