Pawan Kalyan faced heat on social media for creating regional differences

Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan in one of his election meetings made a controversial statement where he said, “When we go to Telangana, they are beating us (Andhrites).”

Taking to Twitter, natives of Andhra Pradesh who reside in Telangana have condemned Mr. Kalyan’s statement. He has faced wrath on Twitter for his loose comments on the safety and security of Andhrites in Telangana.

Responding to Pawan Kalyan’s statement, TRS Working President KTR in his tweet said, “Dear PawanKalyan Garu, I hope this was a misrepresentation of your thoughts. As you’re aware, Telangana is home to people from 29 states who are living harmoniously since the formation of the state. I am sure you agree with me that this sort of rhetoric creates undesirable negativity .”

Andhrites who have been living in Telangana tweeted to Pawan Kalyan stating that they are safe in Telangana and were never mistreated by natives of Telangana.

A renowned journalist Kurmanath tweeted, “I am living in Hyderabad for the last 25 years no Telanginte ever made me feel an outsider, forget about beating me.”

Another person named Soumi said, “My parents are from Andhra, we’re settled in Hyderabad, I’m technically a Telanganite. I’m lucky to have been brought up in a friendly atmosphere. No feelings of any kind. I even had Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Malayali friends while growing up. Hyderabad = Harmony.”

Pawan Kalyan’s comment has backlashed to an extent where netizens called him an old school politician.

“It’s very unfortunate that you call yourself a new age politician. You’ve reduced yourself to nothing but a regular, run-of-the-mill, old school politician who lies as per situation,” said Harsha Sai.

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