Palamoor should show its strength on Sept 30th: Kodandaram

TJAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram toured the Mahabubnagar district yesterday as a part of campaign for September 30th Telangana March program.

A huge bike rally was organized in Makhtal town by JAC, TRS, BJP, CPI and New Democracy party cadres.

Prof Kodandaram appealed to the people of Mahabubnagar to turn up in large numbers for the Telangana March. He said the Seemandhra rulers were responsible for the poverty in Mahabubnagar district. He recounted how Palamoor district, despite having two perennial rivers, was neglected in a united state.

Kodandaram repeated the TJAC slogan “Intiko vyakti, chetiko jenda” and added that people should come with “saddi – jonna rotte – kaaram” (food). He thus gave a clear signal that the march would result in a seize of Hyderabad.

A meeting was also organized in Marikal village of Dhanvada mandal.

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