Open Letter to Yogendra Yadav by Narayan Reddy, Ex-MP

Veteran Telangana activist and Ex-MP of Nizamabad, Sri Narayan Reddy, who had earlier exposed the Secret 8th Chapter of Srikrishna Committee, writes an open letter to Yogendra Yadav of CSDS.


Dear Dr Yogendra Yadav,

Your institution CSDS has a high reputation of which I have been aware for considerable time. It is with this in mind that I write to you more in sorrow than in anger.

The Telangana poll has caused considerable unrest among informed persons here who have read it in the Hindu (another respected organization here). The main point is that the poll was entrusted to a person who has shown openly his commitment to retaining United Andhra. I appreciate that Professor Narasimha Rao, has been your point-man for a decade or so in conducting polls for the Andhra Pradesh segment. No polling agency has full time staff – it is too expensive.

Yet, CSDS cannot avoid being held to account for ignoring this bias and also the fact (admitted by you) that this person who, is a professor of Nagarjuna University, has been active in the United Andhra movement quite openly. It is no excuse to say that his political activity was in his personal capacity. It was in his personal capacity also that he was conducting the poll for CSDS – it is not a University activity. And the situation here is such that there is no distinction between personal and public- I don’t see how you could distinguish the two. I can’t and most residents of Andhra Pradesh couldn’t.

Professor Rao hired his Andhra students from Nagarjuna University – a center for United Andhra agitation – even for conducting interviews in Telangana. Reports of misdeeds of these interviewers reached us but we did not think it was CSDS that was involved. Moreover, the protests against these interviewers were of public knowledge and in the media. CSDS has admitted knowledge of this in two Telangana Assembly segments.

This is a total fiasco as far as CSDS is concerned. And it behooves of CSDS to carry out not just a “damage control” but also to admit its lack of diligence in the conduct of this delicate poll, penalize those whom it trusted and by whom it is clear, it was let down badly and who betrayed the trust CSDS placed in him.

The steps CSDS should take, in my opinion, are the following;

1. Remove the supervision of the Andhra poll from Nagarjuna University and transfer it to the Central University of Hyderabad, which is staffed and has students from all over the country. This would eliminate bias.

2. Explain in every detail the sampling frame and selection of Assembly segments and respondents of the 2004, 2009 and 2011 poll – as you know this can affect the results

3. Give disaggregated data for each of the three regions – Telangana, Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema as the politics of division differs across regions

4. Perhaps run another poll closely supervised and openly conducted to arrive at more credible results

Yours sincerely,

M Narayan Reddy
Former Member of Parliament.


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