Now Telangana to have a bullet train facility.

A bullet train is coming to Telangana. The bullet train line on the Mumbai-Pune-Hyderabad corridor is under construction and the Railways is currently preparing Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for another route from Bangalore to Hyderabad.


The Central government has decided to make bullet trains available in eight corridors as part of strengthening the public transport system in the country. The Bullet trains will be made available in four more corridors to meet future needs and growing demand. These include Bangalore – Hyderabad (618 km), Nagpur – Varanasi (855 km), Patna – Guwahati (850 km), Amritsar – Pathankot – Jammu (192 km).


These were already included in the National Rail Plan 2022. The DPRs will soon be prepared for the construction of a bullet train on these routes. This new proposal will significantly reduce travel time between different cities. However, while the states Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh have benefited most from the bullet train projects being implemented by the Centre, the southern states of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh as well as Odisha and Jharkhand have been completely ignored.

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