November 1st – A Mourning Day For Telangana

By: J R Janumpalli

1st November, 1956, the A P formation day, so religiously celebrated by our Andhra brethren every year, is unfortunately a beginning of ‘Organized Exploitation of Telangana’. The very purpose of A P formation is the exploitation of Telangana resources for Andhra region. The exploitation was started in right earnest from the day one of the formation of the state, and continued unabatedly till today. Perhaps this exploitation is rare in the annals of democratic polity anywhere in the world. The stealthy exploitation is as malicious as the overt massacres of African tribes. Today there is no need to recount the countless injustices done to Telangana people. Perhaps it would be easier if we try to count the justices done instead. To the dismay of civilized world, we will never find any justices done to Telangana people, in the state of A P. It is a never ending saga of duplicity, breaking agreements, contempt of and circumventing law and everything in the book of deceit. Every time there was a new agreement, new methods are invented to break the agreement, throwing Telangana people from frying pan into fire. This chronicle would be an excellent subject for dissertation on duplicity and exploitation in a democratic administration. The manifestation of this exploitation is everywhere to hear and to see.

Yet all this monumental evidence of 55 years relentless exploitation of Telangana does not make much impression on the civil society of andhras. It is like blowing the conch for the deaf and showing the mirror to the blind. They are firmly set against accepting the truth. They never broach the injustices done by them to Telangana people. On the contrary, they have some weird ideas. They talk as if there was no civil society existing in Telangana before they came there. They claim they have taught Telangana people everything. Hyderabad was made by them in last 50 years out of the blue. They also say that Telangana belongs to erstwhile Nizam and they can plunder it. Even the highly educated among them and living in the democratic environs of U S A, fully enjoying all the benefits of democracy also talk in the same vein. Although, it may sound very sweeping, it is very difficult to find such an obnoxiously determined group in a democratic society. Their prejudice is like a religious fanaticism. Instead of looking in to the grievances, they drivel in the foolhardy sermons of one language, treason against the state, and treason against the constitution and country etc., since they do not have any thing cognizable to say. While they got separated from Tamilnadu on similar demand, they have no qualms to recognize the very right of Telangana people.

They do not celebrate ‘Liberation of Telangana’, which gave Telangana people its freedom after centuries of feudalism. They do not allow celebrating the occasion of Hyderabad state joining Indian Union. They do not want commemoration of glorious ‘Armed struggle of Telangana’ for freedom. They suppress the history and literature of freedom struggle of Telangana. They ruthlessly stampeded separate Telangana struggle, several times in the past and continue to do so in the present struggle. Andhra people shamelessly oppose the celebration of Telangana Liberation day and raise several ludicrous arguments like whether it is ‘vimochanam, vileenam or treason’ etc., as is their wont in everything Telangana. They can find out this from parts of Hyderabad state now in Maharashtra and Karnataka, where they celebrate ‘Telangana Libertion Day’ officially.They do not have the character, to recognize and appreciate the martyrdom of 4500 ‘Telangana sayudha porata yodhulu’ for the freedom of Telangana.But they are celebrating the stage managed ‘A P Formation’ on 1,November 1956, every year with religious fervor and now demand not to oppose it. It brings out the weird dichotomy in the thinking of these conceited people. Why A P government cannot celebrate ‘Telangana Liberation Day’ which has brought freedom to 3 ½ crores of Telangana people ? How it can demand Telangana people to celebrate ‘A P formation Day’ which has started the death knell for Telangana? When andhra Ministers and legislators have opposed ‘Telangana Liberation Day’, how can Telangana Ministers and Legislators participate in ‘A P formation Day’? Do they not have any sense of honor? Is there no end to their political slavery, even after experiencing this brutal ‘Organized Exploitation of Telangana, by andhras?

It is mandatory for all Telangana people to oppose and prevent this infamous ‘A P Formation Day’ celebration in Telangana Region. The Telangana legislators and ministers, who ever participate in it, should be declared as traitors to Telangana. They should be over powered and literally buried as per the dictum of great ‘Kaloji’. These servile politicians are not left with any other civilized alternative for themselves. Their behavior towards Telangana people, who have braved untold misery, during ‘Sakala Janula Samme’ to convert them, has been ignominious in the least.The monumental effort of Telangana people has become a colossal waste. These traitors are the only stumbling block for the liberation of Telangana from the bondage in Andhra Pradesh.

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