No Confidence Motion turns out a damp squib

The much touted “No Confidence Motion” by Seemandhra Congress MPs turned out to be a damp squib, as the six Cong MPs withdrew their notice silently.

Their move came as one after the other party, which promised them support, slowly slipped away. Even Mulayam Singh, who promised his party would back the NCM, ditched the Seemandhra MPs.

Lagadapati Rajgopal, who has now become a laughing stock with his meaningless statements, gave a brave statement that they are withdrawing their notice as a part of their “strategy”.

Since the Parliament session has ended today, it is certain that these MPs don’t have anything to do until the next session begins.

Except BJD, no other party was willing to support the No Confidence Motion of Seemandhra MPs. The motion needs a support of at least 55 members to be admitted.

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