Municipal Schools upgradation – latest saga in discrimination

AP state government has decided to upgrade about 200 Municipal High Schools to Junior Colleges. According to this plan, each of these schools would be given an amount of Rs. 1 crore for improvement of infrastructure.

For a casual observer, it looks like a very progressive step. But for Telangana people, they understand that this is the latest saga in an unending tale of regional discrimination.

When Seemandhra and Telangana were merged to form Andhra Pradesh state, Municipal Schools were present only in the British ruled Seemandhra region and not in Telangana region. Instead of correcting this anomaly by establishing new municipal schools in Telangana region, AP government established more municipal schools in Seemandhra region!

Image: Shows the total Municipal Schools in each district. About 200 Schools are now being upgraded to Junior Colleges

By upgrading these Municipal Schools in Seemandhra region, the AP government is only increasing the educational divide between these two regions.

Already, the Seemandhra region has more Govt Aided Junior Colleges than Telangana region. With the latest upgradation, Telangana will have to stay content with even lesser share of Govt aided Junior Colleges.

In spite of a raging popular peoples movement demanding Telangana state as a solution to the discrimination being meted out to the region, the Seemandhra leadership continues to pursue the same discriminatory policies everyday.

And no wonder that the Telangana people think that separation is the only solution.

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