Mission Telangana Exclusive: Who are these fake netizens, TSSPDCL?

The Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL) has been embroiled in another controversy. It appears that the distribution company has hired a PR agency to save its face in light of increased complaints from consumers about frequent power cuts.

In the past four months, unscheduled power cuts, frequent outages, and disruptions have become the norm, which was not the case during the BRS Party’s rule. Every day, the TSSPDCL’s official ‘X’ account is flooded with complaints about power supply disturbances. With the entry of the BRS Party questioning the frequent electricity cuts, the issue has taken a political turn.

Instead of addressing the issues and rectifying the problem, the TSSPDCL has entered the social media slugfest to hide its inefficiency and accused the complainants of being ‘fake netizens’. Furthermore, the company has covered up its failures by citing internal issues as the reason for electricity supply disruption.

Ironically, the TSSPDCL, which accused real complainants of being fake netizens, has now seems to have engaged a PR Agency, which seems to have created hundreds of fake accounts to shield itself from public outrage. All these bot accounts created in April follow the TSSPDCL ‘X’ account, TSSPDCL CMD Musharraf Ali Faruqui, and regularly repost and reply to their posts.

In addition, these fake accounts also abuse and hound the consumers who post genuine complaints. Many of these handles don’t carry any display picture, use fictitious names and professions, and even impersonate some existing ‘X’ accounts.

TSSPDCL’s vicious act stands thoroughly exposed and is out in the open. Rather than indulging in political accusations and social media attacks, the government organisation should focus on ensuring uninterrupted, quality power supply to all consumers.

Some of the fake accounts of TSSPDCL 👇