Minister KTR stupefies Congress leaders with his spontaneity in Assembly

Minister KT Rama Rao has said the opposition Congress party leaders are stupefied as the government announced a farm loan waiver. In a reply to a short discussion in the Assembly today on the flood damage, the Minister accused Congress member D Sridhar Babu of trying to mislead the people with false figures and facts.

Mr Rama Rao said he condemned the remarks of D Sridhar Babu as water serves some crops and damages certain crops. For instance, if water stagnates for two days in a paddy field there will be no damage and if it stagnates in the soya, it will damage the crop.

The Minister said the enumeration of flood damage is still on and the exact extent of damage is yet to be arrived at. How can a member belt out figures? Is it not misleading the general public, he posed. It is the BRS government that disbursed Rs. 73,000 crores to farmers under Rythu Bandhu. It is the BRS government that is providing free round-the-clock power. But the Congress leader went on record that just a three-hour power supply is enough for farmers much to the dismay of farmers

Mr Rama Rao wondered what the Congress leaders wanted to do to the people. They do not want people friendly Dharani land record system, they do not want free power and now they are opposed to the existing check dams. Congress member D Sridhar Babu should apologise to people as his party men are in favour of brining back the middle men system in land record maintenance.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao