Middlemen under the garb of Congress ready to raise their ugly heads: KTR

There were times people desperately pleaded for a few minutes of power to take a bath after returning from burial grounds. There were times there were endless stretches of barren and parched land. The farmers were in hopelessness. It sums up the 50 years of Congress party rule, said BRS working president and minister Mr KT Rama Rao.

Unveiling the changing times in life before the huge gatherings in Kamareddy district on Monday, the minister said the Congress party that lost the public patronage is once again trying to stage a comeback. It is hoodwinking the people making false and impractical promises. “The Congress leaders are selling dreams now. They did nothing during the 50 years of ruling in the past. Their regime was rocked by middlemen ruling the roost and rampant corruption,” Mr Rama Rao said.

If people giveave them an opportunity now, again the middlemen will raise their ugly heads and suck the blood of the poor. The people should keep them at bay as they did in the past. Mr KTR undertook a whirlwind tour of the Kamareddy and Yellareddy Assembly constituencies inaugurating a six-lane road, dividers and central lighting. He announced Rs 45 crore to each of the constituencies for further development works.

The BRS leader challenged the Congress leaders to talk about their achievements and what good they did for people in Telangana state. It is revolutionary Mr KCR who waged an untiring war against the anti-Telangana forces and secured separate statehood to the region. He fulfilled the six-decade-long aspiration of the people. He delivered all the promises and there is a visible change in the standard of living of people in Telangana state.

The leaders in political and industrial circles across the globe are amazed at the rapid development that Telangana registered in all spheres. The facts and figures speak volumes about the achievements of the ruling BRS party under the able leadership of CM Mr KCR, he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao