Make public Krishna Tribunal arguments: KCR

TRS president KCR demanded that the AP state government should make public the arguments it put forth before the Brajesh Kumar Tribunal. The tribunal was constituted to look into the Krishna Water dispute between AP, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

KCR urged the state government to conduct an all-party meeting on a war footing to discuss this issue.

He warned that the whole Telangana region would erupt if the region did not get its fair share in Krishna water.

The AP state government was supposed to ask 75TMC of water separately for Telangana projects like Kalvakurthy, Nettempadu, and Srisailam Left Bank Canal. But many Telangana activists suspect that the AP government has made a wholesale and unjustified demand for 225TMC. If that is the case, the tribunal might reject the state’s case entirely.

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