Madhu K Reddy (TDF) appeals to Telangana people

We have suffered enough for 60 years and TDP is still trying to control Telangana. It is a shame how T-BJP is aligning with TDP. T-BJP leaders are justifying their alignment with TDP saying once TRS was also aligned with TDP. TRS strategy in 2009 was different to make TDP commit for Telangana state. Now TDP is using T-BJP as a proxy to control Telangana again. Without T-BJP, TDP will be wiped out from Telangana. It is a shame the way Narendra Modi shared dais with Naidu and Pawan Kalyan in Hyderabad, in the heart of Telangana. It is like Narendra Modi is stabbing Mother Telangana. Who is Pavan Kalyan to speak on behalf of Telangana people on a dais with Narendra Modi? He openly criticizing Sonia Gandhi for separating Telangana state and started a new party. Narendra Modi lowered his dignity by visiting the home of Pavan Kalyan, a mediocre actor in Hyderabad. Narendra Modi is not trustworthy when it comes to Telangana, and I urge T-BJP to put Telangana people’s interest first.

Congress gave Telangana with lots of restrictions to satisfy Seemandhra leaders. They fail to explain why Hyderabad is a common capital for 10 years? They failed to explain why the city law and order is under Governor Rule? They have reversed 9 submerging Mandals in Khammam to Seemandhra after President signed the bill. They created water boards to prevent Telangana new projects, Employment, Pensions and many other issues to be resolved. T-Congress leadership is very weak, and there is no leader to fight to correct these injustices. They will depend too much on High command for every decision, and will not demand for changes. Hyderabad as a common capital for 10 years, and Seemandhras own Telugu media TV/print in city, and have plenty of money by illegally grabbing Telangana land, and will do everything to control Telangana. Naidu, Pavan, Jagan shamelessly touring Telangana as if they are the sons of Telangana, and they never shed a tear when Telangana youth have died.

We fought very hard for six decades to get our own state with lots sacrifices. We have to be extra cautious under these circumstances to see who will head our government. KCR is the right person to fight to reverse these unwanted and unlawful restrictions. I urge all Telanganites to put aside any doubts and support TRS party and elect TRS MLAs and TRS MPs in coming election. We don’t need Seemandhra peddlers controlling our destiny.

Jai Telangana!

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