‘Lifting water from Srisailam can reduce costs’

Changes in the alignment of the proposed Telangana Water Grid project, as suggested by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, if proven feasible, could bring down the project cost by a minimum of 25 per cent, officials say.

In the five-hour meeting with senior officials and engineers on Wednesday, Mr. Rao reportedly suggested a few changes in the alignment of the proposed water pipeline network so as to minimise power consumption for lifting the water at locations.

One of the very prominent amendments proposed is to lift water from the Srisailam reservoir instead of Nagarajunasagar, up to a hillock near Kondur village of Mahabubnagar district, from where water can be supplied by gravity.

Pumping of water from Sagar, which is situated at a higher elevation, will, instead, increase the costs phenomenally.

If incorporated, this amendment will successfully reduce the project expenditure by Rs.10,000 crore, Principal Secretary of Panchayat Raj, Rural Development and Rural Water Supply, J. Raymond Peter said.

Besides solving the issue of fluoride-ridden water in Nalgonda district, it will supply drinking water to the villages of Mahabubnagar and Ranga Reddy districts too.

A field study is being conducted to assess the feasibility of the proposal, which will be followed by an economic feasibility study. Once incorporated, it may bring down the number of sub-grids proposed, Mr. Peter informed.

Source: The Hindu

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