Left parties accuse BJP of trying to create violence Telangana.

The CPM (M) Telangana unit Secretary Mr T Veerabhadram accused the BJP of trying to create violence in Telangana.
Mr Amith Shah talking irresponsibly stating that they would scrap minority reservations is aimed at creating unrest and disturbance in Telangana. People should be careful against BJP and reject its evil designs.
Meanwhile, CPI National Secretary Mr Narayana said it would be suicidal to elect BJP once again. Mr Amith Shah is begging for one chance in Telangana but it is a dangerous party. People should not support it at any cost and invite trouble.
The state unit Secretary Mr Chada Venkat Reddy said the BJP leaders were daydreaming of coming to power in Telangana. Except for inciting people and creating differences, the BJP leaders never talked about welfare or development agenda. Their only agenda is to gain political mileage by dividing people on caste and religious lines. People should be very cautious against the BJP and its leaders. Telangana is known for communal harmony and BJP should not be allowed to disturb it, he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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