KTR dares Amith Shah to come for early parliamentary polls.


The Telangana IT minister and TRS working president lashed out at Mr Amith Shah for misleading the people of Telangana.
Stating that the BJP leader holding a union cabinet post made most uncharitable remarks against the ruling TRS government.
Mr Amith Shah told a bundle of lies. This time people are ready and the TRS will also play a key role in sending the BJP leaders to their homes. Mr KTR warned the BJP leader to stop double standards and false allegations. The Karnataka government is most corrupt where contractors are forced to pay 40 percent. It is the money collected from Telangana that is supporting BJP governments in UP, Gujarath, Madhya Pradesh and others. Instead of being thankful to the Telangana people, Amith Shah shamelessly spewed venom on Telangana.
The BJP has no slogan or no policy. It is the start-up of Telangana while BJP’s is pack up.
Mr KTR said the country needs statesmanship not showmanship.
Several ministers of TRS attacked Mr Amith Shah for his speech. Ministers Errabelly Dayakar Rao, G Jagadish Reddy, Vemula Prashanth Reddy and others condemned Amith Shah for his misleading speech and false allegations against TRS government.
Mr KTR further pointed out that in Gujarath, a stadium was named after Prime Minister Mr Modi in which money from Telangana was involved.
He described Modi as the most inefficient prime minister who did not deliver anything to people but borrowed huge sums.
The BJP government collected more Rs 26 lakh crore through fuel and cooking gas price hike and waived nearly Rs 11 lakh crore bank loans of its corporate friends.
What good happened to people?, the minister sought to know.
In his hour-long press meet, Mr KTR countered every point of BJP leaders. He said people of the are eagerly waiting to send them home if they had dare, they should come for early polls to Parliament, he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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