Lakkaram tank to regain its pristine glory

The water body of Kakatiya period is spread in 160 acres

The Lakkaram tank of Kakatiya period, is all set to get a facelift after years of neglect, with the district administration turning its attention on restoration of the historical tank in the heart of the town.

The discharge of sewage and indiscriminate dumping of garbage into the tank rendered the water body out of bounds for farmers and fishermen.

The once expansive tank, called Lakkaram Cheruvu in local parlance, spread around 160 acres has served as a major source for irrigation and fishing activities several decades ago.

Encroachment of a vast stretch of the tank bed and its surrounding areas has resulted in drastic reduction of its storage area.

A mega project aimed at promoting tourism around the historical tank has failed to take off in a full-fledged manner on the desired lines. Analysis of water samples from the tank has established that the tank is inhospitable for aquatic species.

Several petitions submitted
Residents of the areas in the vicinity of the tank bed have submitted several petitions to the authorities seeking removal of the piled up garbage and weeds in the tank to protect public health.

Thanks to the euphoria generated by the Telangana government’s ambitious tanks restoration project christened “Mission Kakatiya”, the government departments concerned have focused their attention on restoration and development of the historical tank.

Collector K. Ilambarithi, accompanied by the officials of the Municipal Corporation, Minor and Medium Irrigation, Public Health and other allied departments, visited the Lakkaram tank here on Thursday. Mr. Ilambarithi directed the officials to take up cleaning operations for removing the weeds, pumping out sewage water from the tank and preventing release of sewage water into the tank. He asked the officials to fill up the tank with fresh water and remove encroachments on the tank bed and canals for restoring the water body.

Source: The Hindu

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