KU Students Obstruct YSR Cong Show

Attempts by YSR Congress leaders to sneak into Telangana were scuttled successfully by brave Kakatiya University students yesterday. YS Jagan – a known anti-Telangana politician,  made an unsuccessful attempt to get into Telangana in May 2010, and was shunted back after a violent confrontation in Mahaboobabad .

YS Jagan was declared ‘persona non grata’ by Telanganites, after he displayed a “United AP” placard in the Parliament.

Yesterday, YSR Congress Party workers and leaders tried to organize a dharna in Warangal town in the name of farmers. But, the students of Kakatiya University were not amused by these theatrics.

Scores of students removed the banners and flexi posters of YS Jagan and his party and lit a bon fire. They shouted “YSR Congress Down Down”

Goons in YSR party and the local police attacked the KU students with lathis and sticks. Several student leaders, including the KU JAC leader Sriram were severely injured in this attack.

This incident sparked wide spread protests from other JACs across Telangana. A jeep belonging to YSR congress party was set afire by unknown persons in Warangal. TSJAC, TJAC and Lawyers JAC severealy condemned the attack on KU students.

Later in the day, YSR Congress party leaders Pratap Reddy and Konda Surekha apologized to the KU students.

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