KTR takes a dig at PM Modi

Reacting to the remarks made by the union minister G Kishan Reddy, the TRS working president and IT minister Mr KT Rama Rao mocked at the remarks and sought to know if Modi deserved a Nobel Prize for his work. He went on to ask in what category could Mr Modi be given the most sought-after prize in the world.

Could he be selected in the field of medicine for inventing the Corona vaccine; or in economics for demonitisation that threw the country into crisis: for his radar theory in physics or a peace prize for stopping the Russia – Ukraine war?

Earlier, Kishan Reddy said daringly Mr Modi invented the Covid vaccine in the world, thus exposing his knowledge of things and making himself a laughing stock among the countrymen. Without any shame or regret, the BJP leaders from top to bottom have been making a cult figure out of Mr Modi describing him as a Vishwaguru and so on.

In fact, academics and fellow politicians have been criticising Modi for lack of any vision or knowledge in any field including governance. Of late, one could see Modi visiting temples accompanied by a battery of media people and posing for photographs in different attires just for the consumption of media.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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