KTR shares lunch with sanitation workers at Telangana Bhavan

Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) Working President K. Taraka Rama Rao began the New Year by setting an inspiring example. Today, he shared a meal with sanitation workers, celebrating the New Year festivities alongside them. During this interaction, KTR inquired about their well-being. Sanitation workers thanked KTR for his humane gesture and many of them took selfies with him.

Speaking on the occasion, KTR recalled the BRS government’s commitment to sanitation workers welfare, highlighting the three-fold wage increase implemented for their benefit. He acknowledged their vital role in maintaining the cleanliness of towns and villages and emphasized that the salary raise aims to improve their living standards and recognition. He further assured them of BRS party’s continued support and pledged to work diligently to address their concerns.

KTR also suggested GHMC mayor Gadwal Vijayalaxmi to coordinate with sanitation workers to address their concerns and issues. The workers, in turn, expressed their gratitude for the wage increase under the BRS regime. They also raised other pressing concerns regarding health and job security. They requested KTR for the support to fulfill their demands of expanded benefits on par with other outsourced workers working in the government.