KCR’s whirlwind tour propels TRS ahead of other parties

KCR, the leader of Telangana statehood movement, has established a clear lead for TRS party in the election campaign.

The hi-tech and well co-ordinated campaigning of TRS party has stunned the other parties, which are still trying to increase their momentum.

While TDP-BJP poll alliance has been a non-starter, Telangana Congress is lagging behind TRS in election campaign.

Internal bickering in Congress party has reached a flashpoint with senior leaders openly accusing each other. In a press meet, Congress MP Palvai Goverdhan Reddy accused TPCC Chief Ponnala Lakshmaih of “buying” the TPCC post and “selling” party tickets.

With TRS fielding strong candidates against all senior Congress leaders, none of them is in a position to leave their constituency and lead the campaign in entire Telangana.

TRS supremo KCR is miles ahead in campaigning. He has already completed first round public meetings in 10 Telangana districts. In the second round of meetings, which started yesterday, KCR is creating a record of sorts by addressing 10 public meetings each day.

Yesterday, KCR addressed 10 well-attended public meetings in Adilabad district. Today, he would be addressing another 10 meetings in Medak and Karimnagar districts.

In his speeches, KCR is clearly stating his vision for Telangana and the benefits that he is going to deliver for each section of people. People are cheering loudly whenever KCR is attacking the TDP and Congress leaders.

A senior media analyst summed up the situation: “The fact that TPCC Chief, who has a helicopter at this disposal, has conducted just one meeting in last two weeks, while KCR has completed 20 public meetings, speaks volumes about the caliber of T-Cong leadership”.

Ground level reports coming in from Telangana districts say that TRS is leading in majority Assembly and Parliament segments.

With 70 odd public meetings lined up for KCR, there are clear indications that the Car is only going to cruise along and emerge victorious in the first election in Telangana state.


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