KCR’s hope of 100+ Assembly seats has a solid basis

By Oracle

When KCR said the other day while announcing partial manifesto of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) that his party was targeting to win 100-plus seats to ensure the stability of the government and a hassle-free governance, he has his math correct.

The very reason for recommending the dissolution of the Assembly itself is to eliminate stumbling blocks in the process of governance and ensure seamless and stable administration.

Where does the confidence in the Chief Minister stem from? How does he assert that the victory of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi is a foregone conclusion and there is no doubt about the party being in the saddle? How is he right about his numbers?

KCR said at the press briefing that at least five surveys by national and local agencies put the TRS tally above 75. Some gave 90. This has eliminated any doubt about the victory of the TRS. Besides, there is nobody anywhere closer to KCR when it comes to the choice for the Chief Minister’s post.


This could be achieved not by jingoistic publicity and trumpet-blowing media blitzkrieg, as orchestrated by the Telugu Desam Party in the neighboring Andhra Pradesh. Performance is the key to TRS Party’s’ hopes and advantages.

The TRS supremo outwitted the entire competition with his bouncer of announcing a list 105 candidates on the day of having the Assembly dissolved. This means he has done his background exercise very well and his arithmetic is right. The error margin could be 5 percent.

Development and Welfare schemes
Mission Bhageeratha, Mission Kakatiya, 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, ongoing double-bed room houses and the new modular nature that could be added to the scheme, Kalyana Lakshmi, Shaadi Mubarak, Rythu Bandhu and its proposed hike, Arogyasree, Loan Waiver, Insurance to farmers, KCR kits and a host of many other schemes that were implemented and the long list of promises, including Rs 3016 of unemployment allowance which have been meticulously worked out keeping in view the financial resources available with the State are the basis for people’s reinforced confidence in the KCR’s Administration.

KCR trusts the people of Telangana. His confidence over the TRS’ resounding victory stems from the people’s trust in his leadership. KCR has shifted gears towards victory long ago. He is now goading his teammates on how to accelerate the victory margins of each and every individual MLA candidate and how to increase the party’s tally beyond 100 Assembly seats. The Chief Minister has complete command over the politics of each and every Assembly constituency.

Now that the partial manifesto is announced, the TRS candidates have a lot of work to do in their respective constituencies. They are now in a position to explain to the people what is in store for them if they return the TRS to power.

The massive double-bed room housing project, humungous Kaleswaram mega irrigation project, and many other developments and welfare schemes are works in progress which need to be completed with the same commitment with which they were commenced. And, a TRS dispensation alone can handle them with grit and determination. The TRS chief wants the contestants and party leaders to take this and explain the need to the electorate.

Commitment to State
A ‘kichidi’ rule would take Telangana a 100 years backwards, for the leaders in the ‘alliance’, which is not so ‘grand’, are angling for positions and posts. Their commitment to the State’s development is questionable. The Congress wants to limit all its alliance partners to less than 25 seats. Internecine feuds in the Congress are already out in the open.

“I only recommended the dissolution of the Assembly. The elections have come because we wanted to seek popular mandate afresh. Rahul Gandhi is no monster. Why should we be afraid of them? Is there any sense in alleging that I am afraid of elections?” asserted KCR.

This is called confidence
Congress leaders went to court challenging the dissolution of the Assembly and their frustration levels peaked when they escalated the case to the Apex court, as the High Court dismissed the petition on merits.

This is called diffidence
KCR is harping not only on his party’s strengths, but also the ‘weaknesses’ being offered on a golden platter for him to use by the opposition.

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