KCR will be the only CM to score a hat-trick in South India

Mr KCR will be the only chief minister to score a hat-trick in South India; TRS to get 90 seats in the next elections says TRS Working President Mr KTR.

The surveys by BJP and Congress indicate that TRS will come to power for the third time in the state and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will be in power in Telangana for the third time. People have faith in him and his work.

Referring to delays in salaries, he dismissed it as a routine administrative affair. He said soon the state government would issue new ration cards and sanction new pensions to all those eligible. The chief minister Mr KCR would take a decision soon on these matters.

During a chit-chat with the media men here, the TRS working president Mr KTR shared his thoughts on wide-ranging topics both about his party and other parties. It is common for the people to leave one party and join another party during elections for their prospects and TRS is worried about it. The internal bickerings within my party show that the party is strong and nothing else.

He also dismissed speculations over TRS going for early elections.

He objected to the list of words barred to be used in Parliament by the BJP government. Their party men can use any word but others are barred from using the same. They can openly adore Godse and rebuke Gandhi. “Why BJP telling people what to eat, dress and do. What right has it got in a democracy?” Mr KTR sought to know.

Mr Modi said the country would lose its self-respect if the rupee value comes down now the country reminds him of the same. In politics, one should not talk as he or she likes.

Mr KTR lauded former Congress MP Ladadapati Rajagopal who said he would leave politics if his predictions go wrong in his surveys. He stuck to the word.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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