KCR puts his best foot forward in Assembly

By: K. Srinivas Reddy

He steered the separate Telangana agitation single-handedly to its logical conclusion and now slipped effortlessly into the administrative role.

Using the first available opportunity in the newly constituted Telangana Assembly, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao succeeded in sending the message across to the Opposition benches that he wished to take them along in steering the State of Telangana to all round development.

Known for his effective communication skills, which breathed fire into separate Telangana agitation, Mr. Rao employed the same skills to woo the Opposition parties in his reply to the discussion on motion of thanks on Governor’s address. The Chief Minister took the mike at 11.30 am and for the next 150 minutes, legislators cutting across all party lines, listened in rapt attention.

He was at his persuasive best. If he had acknowledged the role of Congress or Sonia Gandhi in helping formation of the 29 State of India, he was equally profuse in thanking the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for assuring him not to differentiate between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. “We have lot of time for politicking. Let’s work together for first four years and devote the fifth year for politics”, the Chief Minister told the House. He assured the House several times that he would consult all parties before taking a decision on any major issue.

Most of his speech was extempore and he referred to notes occasionally, perhaps just to ensure that he had not missed any topic. Statistics rolled out as effortlessly as he recited a song he penned about his aspirations for Telangana. As he began speaking about irrigation sector, he was like a teacher patiently explaining the basins, ridges, contours, sharing of water and how Telangana was deprived of its due share in Godavari and Krishna waters. “Perhaps, I will be the first CM to appear personally and argue in front of the Brijesh Kumar tribunal”, Mr Rao declared amidst thumping of desks.

On the benefits to be given by Centre to Andhra Pradesh, Mr Rao was categorical in his stand. He wouldn’t mind if a special status and tax holiday were given. But similar benefits should be given to Telangana to ensure that there is no flight of investment.

Mr. Rao referred and clarified every point raised by members. His major announcements included extending loan waiver facility to gold loans availed by farmers; withdrawal of all cases registered during Telangana agitation; buying power from Chhattisgarh; remodelling of Hyderabad Metro Rail at certain places; introducing an investor friendly industrial policy; improving health facilities etc.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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