KCR demands Sampoorna Telangana

TRS chief KCR has warned that Telangana people were ready to wage a war for “Total Telangana”. He was speaking at a function organized to release the Telangana Group 1 Officers Association Diary.

KCR said he would personally lead a delegation to UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ensure that certain provisions in the statehood Bill are amended.

KCR was specific about central rule over Hyderabad city. “Why should governor sit on our heads? Why should administration of law and order in Hyderabad be different from the rest of the states where no such restrictions are imposed? There is no question of accepting a Telangana with powers of administration remaining with the Centre,” he said.

KCR opined that a conditional Telangana would harm the interests of the people of this region. “We have not fought for this kind of Telangana state. There are several provisions which ought to be amended before the Bill is piloted in Parliament,” he said. “I have no objection if you (Centre) give another one lakh crore to Seemandhra but our rights should not be undermined,” he asserted.

TRS chief  said “We have fought for water, funds and appointment to government jobs. If these rights are undermined, what is the point in having a Telangana state,” he asked. “If I agree to restrictions on powers of administration, I would become another Chenna Reddy. I do not want this title”.

Chandrasekhara Rao proposed that TJAC could organize a dharna at Indira Park after January 3 to tell the Central government that such conditions would not be accepted by Telangana people.

“We lost jobs then to Andhras. Now they have retired and we are expected to pay them pensions. Why should we lose on both the counts?” KCR asked.

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