Kanti Velugu helped in reducing blindness, lauds international agency

The International Agency for Prevention of Blindness in its latest report lauded the visionary chief minister Mr KCR for his initiative. KCR’s Kanti Velugu’ programme has prevented the growth of the blindness among people. The loss of productivity due to blindness among people in terms of the economy is estimated to be around Rs 2.24 lakh crore in the country.

CM KCR who learnt this five years ago has launched the free screening of eyes, and free distribution of spectacles and surgeries to those in need across the Telangana state. This benefited lakhs of rural poor.

Kanti Velugu was conducted two times in full saturation mode for every single individual all over the state. The international agency has showered praises on Mr KCR for his vision and initiative. The BRS government has spent Rs. 400 crore on the programme.

In the first phase of the Kanti Velugu programme in 2018, as many as 1.54 crore people got free eye check up and a total of 44 lakh people were given free spectacles. In the second phase of the programme in 2013, a total of 1.6 crore people benefitted from the programme and 40 lakh people were given spectacles free.

In total, 3.14 crore people in Telangana state benefitted from the Kanti Velugu programme. This was termed as the world’s biggest community eye check-up camp. The GST collections and increased per capita income goes onto prove the net result of the free eye check up camps in the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao