Kaleswaram project motors are safe, irrigation experts.


Pumping out the water, clearing slush, heating motors, and testing motor starting panels floor-by-floor are underway at Annaram and Kannepalli pumphouses of Kaleswaram project.


The Kaleswaram project that received unprecedented floods due to heavy rains recently resulted in the inundation of motors besides wrecking havoc on irrigation department across the state.


The irrigation engineers and contract agency representatives began restoration work. They said at Annaram pumphouse, they could clear all the flood water, slush, and moisture in motors. It has 12 motors (40 MW each). They tested two motors and they got a positive response.


They said they would open all motors and restore them by August 10. By the month’s end, they would be made fully functional.


At Kannepally where there are 17 motos (40 MW each), the restoration work would begin in three days. They are yet to know the extent of damage done to the electric and other equipment.


It may be noted that as Telangana witnessed unusual rains in July month, a total of 87 irrigation tanks were damaged including 20 big tanks that were breached. A total of over 360 surplus wears, shutters, and other constructions were damaged.


They were all repaired and restored by the irrigation officials on a war footing basis.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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