It will be a cakewalk for the ruling TRS in Munugode

Notwithstanding the tricks being played by the BJP, it all seems a cakewalk for the ruling TRS party in the Munugode Assembly by-election. The BJP fielded K Rajagopal Reddy who resigned from his Assembly seat won on a Congress ticket and joined the BJP. He accused the state government of not helping him in developing his constituency. But in fact, he admitted that he joined the BJP as he got a huge contract of Rs 18,000 crore. The BJP had been hatching a conspiracy to unseat the TRS in the state and wants to come to power.

However, people of the constituency are aware now why Rajagopal Reddy joined the BJP and it is clear that not for the constituency’s development. Though BJP has been drafting leaders from New Delhi for the campaign, they fail to make an impact on the locals. Even the local leaders failed to make any impression or convince the voters why they should vote for the BJP.

All those who joined the BJP are leaving the party as there was no congenial atmosphere and vibrant activity which is conspicuous in the TRS party. They grew wearied too soon and are coming back to the ruling party.

On the other hand, the ruling TRS party fielded K Prabhakar Reddy, a former MLA. The party has been going ahead with its electrifying campaign drafting several leaders from the beginning. The very presence of the TRS working president Mr KTR and chief minister Mr KCR is enough for the voters to get convinced.

Moreover, the party has a long list of schemes and development programmes to relate to people. As many as over 96 per cent of voters in the constituency have been benefitting from one or other scheme which is a good reason for them to vote for the TRS party once again. The single major initiative of the ruling TRS party for Munugode people is Mission Bhagiratha that forever solved the fluorosis problem and they can’t ask for more.

Meanwhile, the Congress party fielded P Sravanthi, daughter of veteran leader P Govardhan Reddy a long-time MLA. However, due to internal bickering, many leaders are staying away from the campaign much to the disadvantage of the candidate. The Congress is lagging far behind in the aggressive campaign of both BJP and TRS.

The proposed public meeting by the TRS supremo and chief minister Mr KCR will completely change the public mood in favour of the ruling party for sure.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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