IT Minister Mr KTR hits out at Modi.



The Telangana IT minister Mr KTR once again hit out at Mr Modi and the cheap politics being resorted to by the BJP.
Speaking to newsmen, KTR said Mr Modi proved to be the most inefficient and a liability to the country. He was three times chief minister in Gujarat but today the state suffers from a severe shortage of power. What do you call him and his ability? the minister sought to know.
The way the BJP toppled the elected governments in eight states including Maharashtra is nothing but a mockery of democracy.
The minister demanded that the BJP government should tell the people what good it did to the country and Telangana. Now scores of leaders are coming to Hyderabad like political tourists just to fight against the TRS chief minister Mr. KCR.
Mr KTR took strong objection to the countdown board put up at BJP office and said TRS cadres are capable of doing the same and carry posters of Mr Modi with a garland of chappals all over Telangana. However it is not the culture of TRS, he said.
Mr KTR is in New Delhi to attend the filing of the nomination of Mr Yashwanth Sinha as the presidential candidate on instructions of Chief Minister Mr KCR.
The minister said the decision to support Mr Sinha was taken to protect democracy and secular values.
Modi’s government was playing politics by fielding a tribal leader. The BJP government fielded SC leader earlier and ST leader now but indeed did nothing to those communities. The TRS government has been asking for enhancement of ST reservation but there was no response till date.
It is ironic that the hamlet from where the Ms Draupadi Murmu hails from has no power till date, Mr KTR pointed out.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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