Is Nandi Medaram reservoir drying up? Here’s the truth

A piece of news regarding the Nandi Medaram reservoir was published recently in a vernacular daily saying that the reservoir was drying up due to insufficient lifting of water from the Yellampally project. The daily has also mentioned that the cultivation of the Yasangi crop under the reservoir’s ayacut is now doubtful. 

However, the irrigation department has released a detailed press release explaining the current status of water available in the reservoir. According to the statement, as on January 4, 2023, the water level in the reservoir is at 228 meters while the Full Reservoir Level (FRL) is at 233 meters and the water availability is 0.234 TMC.

The sluice sill to release the water to the ayacut is at a level of 219.882 meters. It means still there is a scope to release the water 8 more meters as the current level of water in the reservoir is at 228 meters. 

600 acres of agricultural land in three mandals are dependent on the reservoir. Already in 300 acres, the sowing activity has been completed. And farmers belonging to the other 300 acres are gearing up for sowing.

The press release said, if the need arises, water will be lifted from the Yellampally Project which has 19.28 TMC of water available out of the total capacity of 20.175 TMC. 

As part of the Kaleshwaram Project, the reservoir was re-engineered increasing its capacity and FRL. The FRL before re-engineering was 226.8 meters and it was increased to 233 meters. The capacity before re-engineering was 01.65 TMC and it was increased to 0.75 TMC.

Therefore, the news published is fake and there is enough water available in the Nandi Medaram reservoir to meet the agricultural needs of ayacut under this water body.

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