Is KCR a ‘fresher’ in a College?

By: J R Janumpalli

This is a rebuttal to the article : “Is Telangana and AP going the India – Pakistan Way?” written by Lata Jain in The Hans India (See box below)

This M/S Lata Jain is doing lot of ‘tarafdari’ to seemandhra. She has also appeared to be supporting ‘UT ‘or 2nd Indian capital for Hyderabad in her article ‘Hyderabad Status’ 22 May, 2014. In this she is virtually castigating KCR not being nice to CBN. Looks like CBN’s propaganda machinery is out like in the olden days to buy the support of journalists in his political gamesmanship. His shenanigans on his oath taking ceremony site, Camp office and the site for the new capital all are doing their rounds. His playacting of invitation to KCR, for his swearing in ceremony, smacks of his penchant for devious propaganda. We all know his antecedents. He cannot be different now. We will be seeing more of such political gimmicks in the coming days. But the point to ponder here is why these journalists are falling to it so glibly forgetting their professional propriety.

The ceremony was held in Raj Bhavan in an austere atmosphere by Governor’s office, marking the momentous event. Personal invitations or ostentations as planned in CBN’s oath taking ceremony were not there. Any way, it is the prerogative of KCR to invite CBN personally or not. The very CBN, Who has banned the word Telangana in the Assembly; who stopped Telangana for 4 years from 9, December 2009; made life miserable for 4 crore Telangana people in those 4 years; caused the death of 1200 martyrs for Telangana; threatening KCR to dethrone even before 2019; challenging KCR to provide governance like him (?). Why he, the very anathema of Telangana State, should be invited ‘personally’ to the state formation day of Telangana, when such courtesy was not extended to anybody else.

Just because he is playacting now on this issue, why should journalists take cudgels on his behalf? Instead they should, comment on his pompous oath taking ceremony. They can appreciate the simple and dignified ceremony of Telangana at Raj Bhavan without wasting much money on the pomp. On the other hand CBN who is crying that Andhra has deficit budget and collecting money privately for building the capital is wasting Rs.10 crores on his vainglorious oath taking and Rs.3 crores on renovation of his camp office in Hyderabad. If he respects democracy, he could have attended KCR’s oath taking ceremony on the invitation of the Governor, without cribbing unsportingly and egotistically for personal invitation.

For it was the maiden Telangana State government oath taking, an historical event. As CM-designate of residuary A.P. He has the responsibility to be there for political decorum. As is their wont, they won’t follow decorum but find fault with others even if there is not one. If he is inviting KCR now personally, with the ulterior motive of showing him in bad light, it cannot make him a man of great etiquette and culture. Everybody knows his acerbic manners and unscrupulous political behavior. There is no need for the media to make such brouhaha on this matter. On the contrary they could have found fault with him for not being politically correct.

But the point to remember here is the revival of his propaganda apparatus and the journalists falling for it. The Hans India for some time is showing its bias towards seemandhra. This M/S Lata Jain appears to have developed a myopic view on Telangana. Some journalists in other newspapers also trying to teach lessons to KCR as to how to be good with A.P. State. As if he only needs to be good not the other side. It looks like that they have taken it for granted that Telangana state only needs to be good. As if KCR is a fresher at a college and needs to respect CBN the senior, despite his ragging.

We all know, just because Telangana people go out of their way to be nice to these guys, they are not going to do nice things to them. It is like trying to quench our thirst in ‘mriga thrushna’. On the contrary they can take advantage of it and try to upstage Telangana. They did the same for the last 60 years. There is no need for KCR to go to CBN’s oath taking, after all this. That would not be in the fitness of the things. As usual, there will be some wagging of tongues and heavens are not going to fall for it. We know we need to fight for every inch of our rightful share and they will not part with it easily, it would be a war of attrition and we need to get prepared for it. Nobody needs to teach us lessons in this matter. We had been overly friendly with them and paid dearly for it. It is like ‘Arab, his tent and the Camel’ story. We don’t want to repeat it. We will certainly make friends with them. But, only on equal terms as per the exigency. There is no need for us to seek their friendship unilaterally, as the predisposed media wants it.

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