Is BJP any good for the country? CM KCR fires on Central Govt



In his elaborate and chaste Hindi speech, the chief minister Mr. KCR wanted to know if BJP is good for the country.
The TRS will rope in all like-minded chief ministers and regional political parties to take head on the ruling BJP led NDA government.
The TRS will fight till the farmers get a constitutional guarantee of their agricultural produce.
In an oriental speech angered over the discriminatory and fascist BJP rule, Mr. KCR said that history has seen many rulers. Mr. Mussolini had gone and so also Napoleon had gone. There is nothing indispensable in this world so also Mr. Modi.
The responsibility of a ruler is to rule as people want but not according to the whims and fancies of rulers.
Mr KCR lashed out at BJP’s divide and rule policies. He chided the party for raking up religious sentiments and instigating one against another. The progressive Karnataka state that has come to be known as the Silicon Valley of India has been in deep trouble and unrest now just because of BJP’s ideology. The ideology of BJP is no more relevant now and it dates back to the medieval ruling of states.
Mr KCR stressed the need for a strong alternative to BJP in the next elections and expressed his willingness to take an active part in doing so.
The farmers’ leader Rajendra Tikait expressing his solidarity joined the TRS protest. He demanded that the central government has to be responsible for procuring farmers’ produce.
The TRS protest in New Delhi saw a huge crowd and people of Hindi land listened to Mr. KCR in rapt attention.  He stole the hearts of the people of the country with his extemporaneous speech with all facts and figures.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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