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Condemnation of Communal Violence in Sikh Chawni: Demand by Interfaith Forum for Judicial Enquiry

We the members of Interfaith Forum strongly condemn the incidence of violence in Kishan Bagh between the Sikh and the Muslim communities in the morning of 14th May 2014.
It is very unfortunate that some vested interests seemed to have succeeded in their aim to bring Muslims and Sikhs at loggerheads by damaging Sikh religious flag at Sikh Chowni, Kishan Bagh, Hyderabad in the intervening night of 13-14 May 2014. In retaliation, it is reported that innocent passerby was lethally attacked in morning hours of 14th May 2014. The City Police force that had come to control the situation resorted to firing that resulted in the death of three persons and one is reported to be in serious condition. These deaths have led to further escalation of tensions in other sensitive areas of the city also.

We unequivocally condemn both the incidents of desecrating the Sikh Religious Flag by the anti social elements and also strongly condemn the retaliatory attacks on innocent passerby and taking lives of breadwinners rendering the entire society in the state of shock. There is also a need to properly assess the need and appropriateness of police firing to control the situation that is leading to further aggravation of the situation.
After elections this incident should be deemed to have been perpetrated to create animosity between Muslims and Sikhs for political mileage.

We appeal to the aggrieved residents of the area and citizens of Hyderabad to observe restraint so that innocent citizens are protected and the perpetrators are punished. Our resolve must to be to remain united to fight against divisive forces.

We demand from the government to conduct a judicial probe into these happenings and offenders should be arrested without loss of time and punished stringently through special courts set up for the purpose. We also demand that it is high time that police should stop using live ammunition and use rubber pellets to control crowds without any loss of life as is the practice in most of the developed countries in the world.

We appeal to citizens of Hyderabad to ensure rumors do not vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of the city and to prevent any untoward incidences in their localities and ensure peace in the entire city.

Nanak Singh Nishter,
Director, International Sikh Centre
for Interfaith Relations; and
President, COVA. Hyderabad

Jain Ratan Surender Luniya,
President, Jain Teerth Kulpak
Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad.

Rev. Fr. Anthoniraj Thumma
Executive Secretary,

Mazher Hussain
Executive Director, COVA

Mr. M. Veda Kumar,
Forum For Better Hyderabad

Muneeruddin Mujahid,
Tehreek Khair e Ummah

Omim Debara,
Social Activist.

Khalid Rasool Khan,
All IndiaMuslim Sangham, Hyderabad.

Bro. Varghese Theckanath s.g.
Montfort Social Institute (MSI)

Ven.K. Sangha Rakshita Mahathera
Chairman & Chief Abbot.
Ananda Budha Vihar Trust, Mahindra Hills,

Mohammed Turab
Interfaith Forum
Shaik Prof. Anwar Khan
Retd. Principal
Anwar-Ul-Uloom College,

Moulana Hamid Shuttari
Sunni Millat Board
Mohd Afzal Ali
General Secretary
State Minority Cell

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