Hyderabad is not a “Telugu City”

By: Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Hyderabad was never a “Telugu City”. Parsis, Sikhs, Sindhis, Marathis, Kannadigas, Tamils, Bengalies, Gujuratis, Marwaris, U.P. Kayasthas, Rohillas, Bondhilis, Anglo-Indians, Lodh Kshatriyas, Pardhis, Banjaras, Jains, Kutch Muslims, Bohras,  and many people from different states lived in Hyderabad for more than 100 years. Further, there were lakhs of Urdu speaking Telanganites. It was a microcosm of India.

Thousands of Abbisinians, Iranians, Arabians, Pathans, Turkish, and other foreigners too lived here.

The lingua franca or the street language of Hyderabad was a combination of Hindi, Urdu and Telugu. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India.

After its forced merger with the Andhra in 1956, several attempts were made by Andhras to change the city’s culture. Attempts by Andhras to make Hyderabad into a very “Telugu city” were deplorable and they failed.

Hyderabad is not a “Telugu” City. We are a Cosmopolitan City. There is no place for “Telugu” chauvinists in Hyderabad.

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