How Telangana Govt is transforming Dhoolpet

In yet another first, the Government of Telangana has done what no other government could think of in the past. The name Dhoolpet was often invoked to describe a hub of dereliction and disorder. Spurious liquor businesses thrived owing to State neglect. But now things are changing, and rapidly so. Following Chief Minister KCR’s vision towards inclusive development and progress, officials from the Hyderabad Police department and excise departments jointly identified over 1400 youngsters from Dhoolpet who were willing to turn their lives around for good. The effort paid off with many of them enjoying employment opportunities and social progress. The youth showed much interest and participated in the programmes designed by the government, namely community policing and education about health and fitness.

Initiated by Commissioner Mahendar Reddy, the programmes short listed youth from Dhoolpet who were then trained under the aegis of DCP Venkateshwar Rao, ACP Ram Bhopal Rao and excise officials. Training sessions lasted over a period of one year at Seetharambhag and the Goshamahal police station with indoor counseling sessions at Draupadi Gardens by various experts from academic institutions.

Of the 1400 who were shortlisted, nearly 243 were selected for constables within the Hyderabad Police department and 40 men were provided with cabs. Thanks to the rehabilitation efforts taken up by the state government, the officials have decided to provide cabs to those in the trade and willing to take up a new career and start a new life.

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This has face lifted the image and repute of Dhoolpet, from being a gudumba hub to now being a hub of young upcoming and deserving police constables and cab drivers.

It is no wonder that the program, lauded and approved by all, has done what no government in the past could. Clearly, the Telangana State government has solved an age old problem, one that none could since time immemorial.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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