How Seemandhra MPs duped their own people

Seemandhra MPs have shamelessly lied to their own people that they had resigned from their posts, while they had not done so.

Information obtained from offices of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha speakers proves that many Seemandhra MPs did not even bother to send a resignation letter to the speaker. However, these MPs have been shamelessly giving statements in the media that they have resigned to their posts.

Lok Sabha speaker’s office had announced last week that only 13 MPs, out of a total 25 have sent their resignations.

Yesterday, media personnel got information from Rajya Sabha speaker Hamid Ansari’s office that two TDP MPs – Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh, had never sent their resignation letters to the speaker. Both these MPs have stated on record that they have  resigned to their posts in protest against Telangana formation.


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