They want to have the cake and eat it too

Photo: Union minister JD Seelam, who drafted the Seemandhra wishlist

The memorandum submitted by Seemandhra central ministers to GoM proves that they want to have the cake and eat it too.

Realizing that they cannot stop the demerger of Telangana any longer, the Seemandhra ministers prepared a wishlist for their region and submitted it to GoM. The wishlist included IIT, IIM, Universities and mega infrastructure projects.

The nine central ministers from the Seemandhra region have finally reconciled to the demerger issue. They have decided to drop the United AP slogan and instead demand a good package for the region. They had prepared a wishlist under the leadership of union minister JD Seelam and emailed it to GoM yesterday.

Not many people would have a problem with this wishlist. However, what is baffling is that these ministers are asking for a 20,000 Crore package to build a new capital city and also demanding Hyderabad to be made a Union Territory.

Now that is where their greedy nature is revealed. After putting forward a jumbo wishlist, which is unheard of in Indian history, Seemandhra leaders want to deprive Telangana of its heart – Hyderabad. It has been explained several times that making Hyderabad a UT will not benefit Seemandhra in anyway. Yet, Seemandhra leaders continue to bring forward this stupid idea just to deprive Telangana of Hyderabad.

It is exactly such selfish nature of Seemandhra leaders that had brought them to this juncture. Yet, they don’t seem to have learnt any lessons.

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