Gate Numbers given to entry and exit gates at Secunderabad railway station

In order to provide better navigation for passengers at Secunderabad railway station, the South Central Railway has come out with a series of passenger-friendly measures. This station sees over 1.5 lakh footfalls each day and has its entry/exit buildings on both sides, with multiple entry/exit gates located on each of the sides. 

The main entrance of the station from the Alpha Hotel side directly leads to platform no.1 while the new entry developed later to enable decongestion of the station is popularly identified as the ‘Bhoiguda side’ entrance and leads to platform no.10.

To enable rail users to navigate through the station easily and avoid confusion in terms of direction and their own location in the station premises, all the entry/exit gates have now been given a “Gate Number”.  

As per a press release, the main entrance from the Alpha Hotel side of the railway station has five entry/exit gates and have been numbered Gate No.1 to Gate No.5 commencing from the Rathifile RTC Bus Stand side.

In a similar way, the new entrance from Bhoiguda side has two entry/exit gates which have been numbered as Gate No.6 and Gate No.7. In addition, the foot overbridges have been provided with an arrow marked directional boards to highlight the direction towards platform number 1 and 10, which basically are the take-off points to the two entrances of the station.

Soon, the Terminal numbers of the station will also be finalised and displayed, which will add to further enhanced clarity and convenience and enable rail passengers to easily identify locations within the station premises.


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