Fuel price reduction by the BJP government is nothing but hoodwinking people – TRS.

Demanding the BJP government to implement the cess that was in vogue in 2014, the TRS leaders said the government has increased the cess to Rs 31 from Rs 3.46 on diesel. On petrol, the BJP government is collecting a cess of Rs 16.40.

The Telangana government never levied any tax or cess on fuel in the last eight years, they said.

The IT minister Mr K T Rama Rao and Finance minister Mr T Harish Rao said presently the BJP government is collecting Rs 16.40 on petrol and Rs 7.40 on diesel. The cooking gas cylinder that was Rs 400 in 2014 has been increased to over Rs 1,000 now.

Mr Rama Rao accused the BJP government of deceiving people in name of reducing fuel prices. The crude oil rate per barrel in 2014 was Rs 108 dollars and now in 2022, the price per barrel of crude oil is 100.2 dollars. But the BJP government increased the excise duty on petrol by 294 percent and on diesel, the excise duty was increased by 612 percent.

The BJP government increased petrol by Rs 18.42 while it reduced it by just rupees eight.

All taxes including the petrol per litre which was Rs 22.98 in 2020 was increased to Rs 32.90 while the taxes on diesel Rs 18.83 in 2020 were increased to Rs 31.80.

The IT minister Mr KTR took on his Twitter and demanded that the Centre withdraw the cess and implement the prices that were in vogue in 2014 to unburden the people if it was really concerned about the welfare of the people.

He found fault with the leaders of Opposition parties demanding that the ruling TRS party too should reduce its tax on fuel. He said in the last eight years, the TRS government did not levy any tax, he reminded.

The unabated increase in fuel and cooking gas burdened the people, particularly the lower and middle classes. The hike in fuel only resulted in an increase in prices of all essential commodities but the income of people did not witness a proportionate rise.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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