Flood victims are on the lookout for BJP and Congress leaders who turned their back.


The BJP MLAs – Etela Rajender, Raja Singh, and M Raghunandan Rao went to Goa for the reasons best known to them but claim that they went to meet the Presidential candidate.

At a time when people were in distress due to incessant rains and floods, the BJP leaders were seen nowhere. State unit chief Bandi Sanjay sitting at Hyderabad convened press meets accusing the government of failing to save pumps at Kaleswara that were submerged in flood waters. He did not even appeal to the Centre that failed to respond to the flood situation in Telangana state. The Centres had announced and released funds to other states including Gujarat even without asking.

When BJP MP D Aravind tried to visit Jagitial after the rains receded, people ventilated their ire asking him where was he when they were in distress. They wanted to know why he came after everything subsided.

Mr Sanjay too restricted himself to his residence either in Karimnagar or to the party office in Hyderabad frequently issuing statements against the ruling TRS party.

The Congress and BJP leaders who demanded that the chief minister undertake an aerial survey are not seen anywhere on the field.


By Gollapui Srinivasa Rao

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