Facts & Figures of Telangana vs Misleads & Amnesia by AP

A detailed analysis of the Irrigation water row created by AP, which proves how the leaders of our neighboring state are needlessly creating a controversy:

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By: Venkat Gandhi Podduturi

Watch the Telangana Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao Press Conference on 3rd January 2015

Watch from 2:12~7:09

Krishna River Water in current Year

  • Water Base Availability with firm allocation to both states : 481 TMC
  • Additional Water Stored in Projects this year : 137TMC
  • Total Gross Availability : 618 TMC
  • Les Provision for Evaporation loss : – 68 TMC
  • Net Availability for both States available for Use : 550 TMC

Firm allocations of AP & Telangana as per Bachawat Award 281 TMC & 200 TMC respectively that includig additional water available comes to 321 TMC & 229 TMC (Even my basic knowledge confirms following firm allocation by Bachawat to Telangana). Before 1956 merger Telangana (then Hyderabad state) has 161 TMC allocation in Nagarjuna Sagar about 131 TMC is Telangana and around 30 TMC in tail end of Left Canala. In a Post merger it has Srisailam Left Bank 30 TMC, Jurala 18 TMC, Rajolibanda 16 TMC these do add up to what Harish is claiming as Bachawat allocation to Telangana

Out of this

Telangana Used only 117 TMC of Water at RDS, Jurala and Nagarjuna Sagar Left Canal While

AP has already used 329 TMC

Leaving Only 104 TMC Net Water Available all of which belongs to Telangana

Even after using 8 TMC more than its entitlement AP still needs 41 TMC water to save its crops in final stage in Krishna Delta, Nagarjuna Sagar Right Bank Canal and Surplus water projects under Srisailam right bank.

Now lets see What AP Irrigation Minister Devineni Uma presents as his response later on in Press Conference.

He increases the AP requirement for current crops from 41 TMC to 63 TMC

He introduces fictitious misleading figure of 8.2 TMC for Nagarjuna Sagar Left Bank when the season is Over in Telangana and discussion is about starting the Rabi Season under Left Bank.

He does not deny any of the figures Quoted by Harish Rao which are all factual as per the published reports of current water levels and Released for Irrigation in Water Projects as given below :

In fact the todays Data Suggests Harish Rao has been not only accurate but conservative in quoting the actual figures about the Krishna River water utlization by State of Andhra Pradesh that is beyond their entitlement already.

These figures are derived by converting cusecs in TMC.
1000 Cusec discharge rate in a day is 0.0864 TMC of Water (24*60*60/1000000)

There are some logical and clever reasons why the numbers of both Ministers do not match as far as water remaining.

Harish Rao is including water availability in Jurala, Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar together 129 TMC Live storage with Evaporation loss Net accounted as 104 TMC is as per what Telangana GENCO publishes.

As usual AP always plays clever and shows Only 41.8 TMC out of 210 TMC water available as LIVE storage where they take shelter under water that can be drawn from Left and Right Canals as LIVE storage.

Same Minister shows selective Amnesia to mislead people to dupe Telangana to the extent of 50 TMC water even after Left and Right can’t draw water below 490 feet level.

Water is Drawn for Krishna Delta by Gravity down stream and Hyderabad Water Supply by LIFT

In addition to above AP also has water in Pulichintala and Prakasham Barrage.

Clearly this is a Case where AP is Brazen showing Dadagiri over neighbouring state where it needs to request for humanitarian help and the humanitarian help is exactly same as Telangana was asking AP share power during its peak Season time for Telangana farmers over one month back, then AP blocked power supply deliberatey and now is stealing Telangana water by Dadagiri, trying a double whammy on Telangana

This is when the Role of Central Government acting as a neutral father figure showing the fair path to AP to adhere to the allocations and reciprocate to each others needs.

Considering AP has forced Telangana to buy power from Open market at Rs 8 and above per unit to save its farmers crops.

Its Only fair for Center to FIX water charges each state has to pay to other when they seek such transfer on humanitarian grounds

This will send out right message to all states in India to adhere to allocations and not have the notion water is FREE and to be grabbed without any regard to the fair share of other state.

Water is not FREE, Its minimum value for Telangana is even if we assume the value of 1 Unit of Hydal Power is Rs 5 Only the Value of 1 TMC of Water in

Srisailam Dam is Rs 11 MU * 5 = Rs 55 Lakhs / TMC

Nagarjuna Sagar is 5.5 MU * 5 = Rs 27.5 Lakhs / TMC

* Please note Both TS and AP GENCO mutiply 1 TMC by 5.5 to measure the Power Potential

Every TMC in Srisailam can generate 5.5 MU then another 5.5 MU in Nagarjuna Sagar before water goes to pulichintala and then to Krishna Delta

Looking forward to Modi Government changing the perception and rules of how India will look at its precious natural resources.

Modi Government has to tell and remind Andhra Pradesh the Original purpose of Srisailam Reservoir is for Efficient Power Management as is done world wide by having Reversible Turbines Hydro Power Station to Generate Power by Discharge when there is shortage and store power by pumping water from Nagarjuna Sagar to Srisailam to Store Electric Power during lean period where power is surplus or available cheap and Telangana State must be complimented by India for putting this Great Asset to effective Use for the first time as not only shifting power across season but also shifting the power thin the day is being achieved by Telangana Genco and Krishna River Board must be restrained to take any decision without consulting the Power Ministry about Srisailam Left Bank Pumped Hydro Station.

No Water Goes Waste by this Power House and AP escalations to center without due consideration during the peak power requirement in Telangana Kharif Season was not in good for mutual co-opertion between two state.

No more FREE allocations of Water and diversions to any state of India, Water must be Valued and Charged for making best use of the Natural Resource for Good of India

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha

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