English medium in government schools from next academic year.

The Telangana Education minister Ms Sabitha Indra Reddy said it was decided to introduce English medium in all government schools from next academic year.

Textbooks up to 7th class were made ready and the rest would be available for the beginning of next academic year. Soon the government will go in for massive recruitment of teachers in the state.

On re-opening of schools, the minister said it would be decided depending on the prevailing situation due to Corona pandemic and she ruled out cancelling examinations this year.

As part of the Mana Ooru – Mana Badi programme, it was decided to buy school infrastructure such as benches and others on a bulk scale. It will ensure quality and also save money for the government.

The infrastructure includes – duel desk benches, RO water plants, steel tanks, fans, paints, green chalk pieces, computers and dining paraphernalia.

It was decided to involve the ministers in the massive purchase of school requirements in respective districts and district collectors will have more powers in implementing the programme in a fool-proof method. The purchase may be made on a nomination basis as calling for tenders will delay the programme implementation. The funds for the purpose will be made available to the respective school committees and it will make payments to the vendors on checking the quality and quantity of the items supplied to the school.

Former students will be also involved in the programme for transparent transactions.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao


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